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Hi, I'm Zach!

I've been exploring what's happening in healthcare technology and wanted to share my thoughts, conversations and insights along the way


I'm also -  


  • A Computer Science student at Minerva Schools: an elite new university where entrepreneurial students live and study in 7 worldwide cities, from London, UK to Hyderabad, IN. 


  • A Healthcare Nerd:  Three years ago I worked at a health-data firm and realized how important and how broken healthcare is. Since then I've worked at 3 healthcare startups and am now looking for how to be part of the solution


  • A Product Fanatic: After working with the product team at Syapse, I realized how important it is to build products that truly help people and have users' needs at heart, especially in health. At Syapse, and recently on the product team at Collective Health, I've learned / am learning how to understand user needs with data, set a concise vision for a product's future, and collaborate with different teams to get sh*t done

About the Founder:


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